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On September 26, Beijing time, agent Jerry Daniels said: "Shim Thabeet has found a new owner. He has officially signed with the Hsinchu Siege Lions team of Taiwan Province of China and will represent the team in the P+ league." Simple science: P+ League is a new professional league of Taiwan Province formed by black Chen Jianzhou, called P in English. League+.

北京时间9月26日,经纪人杰里·丹尼尔斯(Jerry Daniels)说:“辛·塞贝特(Shim Thabeet)找到了新主人。他已经与中国台湾省新竹围城狮队正式签约,并将代表该队参加P +联赛。”简单的科学方法:P +联赛是由台湾黑人陈建洲组建的台湾省新的职业联赛,英文为P。联赛+。

Thabeet is very confident. He said in an interview: "As long as I get a chance, I can play at a high level, and I can bring high-quality penalty area defense to a team!" I think Thabeet was also signed by Li Ning that year. The player, who is 2 meters 21 tall, has a wingspan of 2.29 meters, and stands at a height of 2.87 meters. Such a static talent is enviable. The main reason for the teacher is to have this height and go to the field to abuse vegetables every day!


   Many people don’t know that Thabeet, 33, has been away from the NBA for six years. In order to adapt to the current rhythm of the game, he has been practicing three-pointers in the last two years. In October 2019, he shot 57 of 100 three-pointers for the first trial for the Bucks and 53 of 100 three-pointers for the second trial for the Bucks. He also tried out the Knicks, and the two teams were reluctant to even give him a 10-day short contract.

许多人不知道33岁的Thabeet已经离开NBA已经六年了。为了适应当前的比赛节奏,他在过去两年中一直练习三分球。 2019年10月,他在雄鹿队的第一次审判中射出100个三分球中的57个,在雄鹿队的第二次审判中射出100个三分球中的53个。他还尝试了尼克斯队,两队甚至都不愿给他10天的短期合同。

   His starting point was too high and too high, so he fell the hardest. In the 2009 NBA Draft, the Grizzlies selected Thabeet with the second pick in their hands, which became the worst draft decision in the history of the Grizzlies! Does Thabeet deserve the No. 2 show? He averaged 3.8 blocks in his major games, 4.5 in his sophomore year and 4.27 in his junior year. A living shot-blocking machine, in the era when the center is supreme, you have to choose him when you become the general manager!

他的起点太高又太高,因此他跌落得最厉害。在2009年NBA选秀大会上,灰熊队以第二顺位选中了Thabeet,这成为灰熊队历史上最糟糕的选秀决定! Thabeet是否值得获得第二秀?在他的主要比赛中,他场均贡献3.8个盖帽,在他大二的时候平均4.5个盖帽,而在他大三的时候平均4.27个盖帽。一个活泼的盖帽手机器,在中锋至上的时代,当您成为总经理时,您必须选择他!

   The 2009 draft is star-studded, and it may be the best one after 03: Griffin No. 1 pick, Harden is looking for flowers. The Kings drafted Evans with the fourth overall pick, the Timberwolves drafted Rubio with the fifth overall pick, the Warriors drafted Curry with the seventh overall pick, the Raptors drafted DeRozan with the ninth pick, and the Bucks selected Jennings with the tenth pick. .

2009年的选秀节目星罗棋布,可能是03年以来最好的选秀节目:格里芬1号选秀权,哈登正在寻找鲜花。国王队以第四顺位选中了埃文斯,森林狼队以第五顺位选中了卢比奥,勇士队以第七顺位选中了咖喱,猛龙队以第九顺位选中了德罗赞,雄鹿队以第十顺位选中了詹宁斯。 。

   Although Thabeet is known as "the most popular player in the 21st century", his growth story is quite inspirational. Thabeet comes from Tanzania, Africa, and he first started playing basketball at the age of 15. When his father died at the age of 17, his mother was unemployed, and Thabeet had to go to nightclubs as a bodyguard to support his family. At the age of 18, Thabeet came to the United States and met his noble man Oliver Noah, who took him to the University of Connecticut.

尽管Thabeet被称为“ 21世纪最受欢迎的球员”,但他的成长故事颇具启发性。 Thabeet来自非洲坦桑尼亚,他从15岁起就开始打篮球。父亲在17岁去世时,他的母亲失业了,他不得不去夜总会当保镖来养家。 Thabeet 18岁那年来到美国,遇到了他的贵族Oliver Noah,后者把他带到了康涅狄格大学。

   In his sophomore year, Thabeet broke Mourning's single-season blocking record. In his junior year, he made overall progress, averaging 13.5 points, 10.9 rebounds and 4.27 blocks per game, and scored 18 double-doubles. Think about it, started playing basketball at the age of 15, received formal training at the age of 18, and became the No. 2 player in the NBA at the age of 22. What kind of talent is this?


   On the other hand, his exposure to basketball was too short, and many skills were not well polished. Thabeet's rookie season averaged 3.1 points, 3.6 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game. On February 26, 2010, he was delegated to the Development League by the Grizzlies, becoming the first delegated No. 2 player in NBA history! The team wanted him to partner Gasol, but after Randolph came, the black and white bears fit together perfectly.

另一方面,他接触篮球的时间太短,而且许多技能还不够完善。 Thabeet的新秀赛季平均每场获得3.1分,3.6个篮板和1.3个盖​​帽。 2010年2月26日,他被灰熊队委派到发展联盟,成为NBA历史上第一个委派第二的球员!球队希望他成为加索尔的搭档,但是在伦道夫来之后,黑白熊完美地融为一体。

   Thabeet was completely marginalized. In the second season of his career, the Grizzlies lost patience and traded the second place to the red team. On March 21, 2011, Thabeet was again delegated to the Development League and later joined the Trail Blazers. In the first three years of his career, he changed three teams. Did he do something wrong? If Thabeet can play an extra year in college, or the Grizzlies are willing to train him for two more seasons, maybe Thabeet’s career will be different.


   In the summer of 2012, he joined the Thunder and met Durant, the best player in history! Thabeet's career has turned for the better, he entered the Thunder's rotation. In the 2012-13 season, Thabeet played 66 games, averaging 11.7 minutes, 2.4 points and 2.9 rebounds per game. This period may be the best time of his career.

在2012年夏天,他加入了雷霆队并遇到了历史上最好的球员杜兰特! Thabeet的职业生涯逐渐好转,他进入了Thunder的轮换。在2012-13赛季,Thabeet出战66场,平均每场11.7分钟,2.4分和2.9个篮板。这个时期可能是他职业生涯的最佳时期。

   In the summer of 2014, the Thunder traded him to the 76ers. On September 1, 2014, the 76ers waived Thabeet, which ended his NBA career. Retiring from the NBA at the age of 27 is embarrassing. Thabeet averaged 2.2 points, 2.7 rebounds and 0.1 assists per game. On September 22, 2017, he joined the Japanese B-League and completely disappeared from the fans' sight...

2014年夏亚愽正规网站天,雷霆将他交易到76人队。 2014年9月1日,76人亚愽正规网站队放弃了Thabeet,这结束了他的NBA职业生涯。在27岁退役是令人尴尬的。 Thabeet平均每场得到2.2分,2.7个篮板和0.1次助攻。 2017年9月22日,他加入了日本B联赛,并从粉丝们的视线中完全消失了。

   Thabeet is not a bad guy, but he may really not be suitable for the NBA. With the label of "the most popular player in the 21st century", Thabeet's own pressure is greater than we thought. At the age of 33, he is no longer young. I hope he can justify himself on another stage!

Thabeet并不是一个坏人,但他可能确实不适合NBA。 Thabeet拥有“ 21世纪最受欢迎的玩家”的标签,其自身的压力比我们想象的要大。 33岁时,他不再年轻。我希望他能在另一个阶段为自己辩护!



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